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Power of Online Examination System

Power of Online Examination System

With the development of Internet technology, online examination system has become more and more popular. It helps people to save money, energy and time. The benefits of online examination software provide a good motivator for most teachers and instructors. From being able to generate multiple sets of the question with the question bank software and tests to instant result generation to automatic report generating a method with the ability to add online links, images, documents and videos, the advantages are clear.

A big advantage to exam software is that it reduces time consumption as an instant automatic result generating feature and get the whole report in just one click. Instructors and teachers can then review results in real-time for meaningful analysis without taking much effort.

Online Test Software has developed an examination system, here we are outlining the full potential of Power an online examination system provides:

         Less resource required with the Online Test Maker software.

When we choose an online examination system for conducting an examination we have fewer requirements for resources hence this eliminates costly resources results in less cost. Organizations conducting online exam need less faculty and staff facility. This results in overall less requirement of resources. The similar concept is applied for Assessment Software.

Exam Builder for building simple and complex exams.

·       Examination Instructions

The examination system instructions will give the basic details a candidate should know before attempting the online examination software such as total questions, full score, passing rate, passing score, time limit, etc. This helps the candidate to manage its time accordingly.

         Accessibility of Examination Content

Examination contents can only be accessed by the participant after login to Pre-set accounts and passwords. Participants can register themselves online. The only authorized user has the information of accounts credentials and they can access the examination content.

         Valid Time of Examination Content
The participants can log in the online examination system with accounts and passwords provided to start the online examination software. The examination will be unavailable and participants can no longer modify answer when the valid time expires.

·       Time Limit of the Examination
Participants may log in the system to take the examination after the start time. The time limit of the examination is pre-set and once the time limit is over the examination result will automatically submit the results. It is in dependence on the factor that how much paper is attempted by the candidate even if the online examination is not completely finished at that moment, it will be submitted to the reporting system of the online examination system.

         Time Reminder for the Examination
This is a feature which automatically reminds the candidates about the time left of their examination. Once the time limit ends the candidate cannot modify their answers at any cost.

         Submission Ways
        Once the candidate has finished examination just click on the submit button to submit the answers. If the candidate lacks in submitting the answer sheet till the time limit the answer sheet will automatically get submitted by the online test system.

         Result Release

After the examination is done and submitted it will automatically calculate the result of the individual candidate. This depends on the organization that they want to declare the result at the same time or not. Results generation will automatically be done by the online examination system.

School Homework using Assessment Management Software.

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