Friday, 12 October 2018

Best Online Examination software for all

Online Exam Software designed for school, college, University, institutes, and companies.

Provides Objective and Subjective question with adaptive positive and negative marking facility. With a built-in fully developed question and answer, the editor allows up to six multiple choice options with each capable of being marked automatically.

Full Analysis per question can be viewed along with email and pdf. All analysis is categorized and topic wise full explanation is given.

The built-in multilingual editor provides facilities for foreign languages other than English speaking languages.

Difficulty level check analysis distinguishes grading system with difficulty level.

Online Test Software has a built-in assessment module which allows submitting a task at any time during the allocation period.  The assignment can be suspended or resumed as desired.

Assignment, Examination, and Test all are a restrictive or flexible test. Restrictive is not permitted to navigate which allows strict examination of culture and rules.  Flexible testing allows you to jump to any targeted question.

With the strict test, any moment outside the browser window suspends the test and eventually terminates the test. Whereas a flexible assessment is like an open book exam with full flexibility and choice is provided.

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Best Online Examination software for all

Best Online Examination software for all Online Exam Software  designed for school, college, University, inst...