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Adaptive Examination System to conduct online exam using our exam software

Adaptive Examination System to conduct online exam using our exam software

Online Test Plus software is developed by Business Integration Software Ltd UK. 

This Exam software is user-friendly, compatible and reliable for conducting any type of Online exams Objective and Subjective exams. 

Our main purpose is to provide you with a simple, feature loaded and advance Examination Software to conduct online exams hassle-free. 

The Exam Software is a web-based application. Examination software can be easily modified and customized according to the need of any Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Universities or in various Training Academies. 

As cost plays an important role in adopting any system, we must know which Exam Software is more budget-friendly and compatible with us. 

 The exam is held digitally in a systematic manner.

One more benefit with Online Exam Software one does not need to calculate result manually rather an instant result with accurate calculations will be generated right away.

By using our Exam Builder now there is no need to accommodate extra staff members so as to distribute question papers, collect answer sheets and maintaining the records of individual candidates. 

These resources can be utilized in a more effective way for the growth of the organization or institutes.

Online Exam Software is a cost-effective software for institutes, schools, universities and especially from candidate’s point of view. 

Examination Software provides flexibility and security for question paper as each student can get a random order of questions of the same subject, but doing this task is quite difficult for offline Assessment Management Software.  Our Online Assessment Software allows local schools assessments as well as final exams.

In Exam Software, we can generate multiple sets of question bank software paper in an effortless manner. The traditional system takes quite long to check the authenticity of the candidate. 

Candidates have to bring their documents so as to verify themselves whereas, in the online assessments, there is no need to bring any documents, verification in Exam software can easily be done with the pre-defined username and password of registered candidates. 

A registered candidate can enter the correct credentials and begin the assignment by a single click.

By observing the above features of our Exam Software Online Online Test System Plus is adaptive and cost-effective for both organizations as well as for the candidates.

Please contact Exam Builder for further details regarding products and organization.

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