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How to Get Started with Online Test Software

How to Get Started with Online Test Software

Online Test Software proves to be very handy in changing the credibility of the whole exam system, but we have to be well acquainted with the steps that are to be followed for conducting the online exams.

Once you get the Online Assessment Software powered by Business Integration Software, you can conduct Online tests and Exams very easily.

Let’s check out how we can easily conduct online tests using Online Test Software by following these simple steps: –

Setup of online Test software:
Setup the Online Test Software for your institute/organization with the help of a dedicated team of Business Integration Software Ltd.

Online Test Management Software contains many flexible features which can help you to set up a test in your institute/organization easily. In Online Test software, you can easily create question paper with question bank software, set time limit, create pre-set answer sheets etc. and add different images, links, audio, and videos as per your needs so all and all, you can complete the work related to question paper setting just by using Online Test Maker.

Registration of candidates:
Once the setup of Software is completed, the next step is the registration of candidates. Register the candidates of whom you have to conduct the Online test using Online Test Builder. This registration will provide a pre-set username and password directly to the candidate by which candidate can log in into the Online Test System and easily access the test. This step can also be used to check the authenticity of the user as the username and password are sent to the candidate only and no other person has access to it.

Information about Online Test:
Before the start of any exam software, Candidate should be provided with a dummy test so that candidate can become familiar with the Online Test System interface. Also, before the starting of the Test, instructions should be given to the candidates regarding the test. Instructions should be on the first screen before starting of the test. Instructions should contain the information on how to attend the test, the time limit given to submit the answers, the marks each question carry, how to submit the test when completed etc. This will provide basic help to the candidates to attempt the question paper accordingly.

Conduct of Tests:
Once everything is clear to candidates i.e. how to attempt a test and all the instructions to the tests, the organization can start the actual test. Test screen should have a clock which will tell students about the time left in the completion of tests.
Result/Report generation:
After the test, the organization needs to generate the reports and results of the candidates. This can be done automatically with just one click by Online Test Software. The instant result will be generated as soon as the candidate submits his/her test. One can generate the report of any individual candidate or the whole institute with just one click.

Please contact Online Test Software for further details regarding products and organization.

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